Leadership and Collaboration

Leadership and Collaboration

We believe that good government starts with good people—and that leadership is the most important factor influencing government performance.

But for federal leaders to provide vital services, serve as stewards of the public trust and move the country forward, they need to develop a robust set of critical skills.

At the Partnership, we equip federal employees working across government with the knowledge, resources and networks they need to succeed, offering a wide range of leadership development opportunities, fostering continual collaboration within and across agencies, and convening public, private, academic and nonprofit leaders who inform our strategies for developing public service leaders.

Leadership Development: Public Service Leadership Institute®

For government to address the critical issues of today and tomorrow, it needs effective leaders who drive change, engage diverse workforces and act as stewards of the public trust.

Our Public Service Leadership Institute is the preeminent source of public service leadership programs, policies and perspectives. Building on our deep expertise of federal leadership issues, we provide leaders with the insights they need to change the way government works, offer programs that help agency teams and leaders working at different levels across government assess their performance and best serve the public, and advocate for a single standard of public service leadership through the Public Service Leadership Model.

In all, our work provides federal leaders with tools, techniques and relationships they will use to create a better and more effective government throughout their careers.



About two million federal employees work in 15 Cabinet departments and more than 400 independent agencies and subcomponents across government. To maximize their impact, these employees must work together, build cross-agency and cross-sector connections, and find structured time to share best practices.    

We make this possible by providing federal leaders, former government officials and individuals from the private sector unique opportunities to exchange ideas on current and future challenges, uncover creative ways to make government work better and collaborate to implement change.  

A network that provides a safe environment for assistant secretaries for administration and management and their peer leaders to learn from and support one another as they work to accelerate change in their agencies and across government.

A network of senior federal communications professionals and their peers to convene and share best practices, discuss mutual issues of concern and hear from speakers with broad experience in public relations and internal communications.

A group of chief diversity officers who learn from and support one another for the purpose of identifying talent practices, developing strategic approaches, and promoting a vision for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility that supports the building of a better federal government and a stronger democracy.

A group of leaders from agencies that engage frequently with the public working to improve customer interactions, share benchmark data and discuss best practices.

A problem-solving community of agency HR leaders that strives to transform the way government works by strengthening the federal workforce.

A community of innovators and entrepreneurs inside and outside of government that seeks to work across disciplines and organizational boundaries to develop and improve federal services and promote creative solutions to difficult national challenges.

A network of agency general counsels, chief counsels and their peers designed to share, learn, discuss and support one another to resolve critical issues and challenges that affect them, their offices and agencies.

A group of distinguished leaders who have worked across academic, corporate, nonprofit, and civilian and military government sectors.

A forum for deputy secretaries and select agency heads to learn and work collectively toward driving innovation across government.

A bipartisan group of transition experts and stakeholders who work with us to support early and effective transition planning for second-term and new administrations.

An advisory organization of federal innovation experts that helps to identify ways to overcome barriers to—and highlight positive examples of—innovation in government.

An alumni community dedicated to providing our program graduates with an environment of continual growth and learning. The network offers a variety of conferences, training opportunities and receptions for alumni to connect with each other and other leaders working in the federal, private and non-profit sectors.

An opportunity for senior federal communicators to share ideas, lessons learned and best practices to encourage storytelling across agencies, share their important work with the public, and change popular perceptions about the role and effectiveness of government.

A group of experts from the public, private and nonprofit sectors who advise on our research agenda and help us explore new questions, partnerships and opportunities around the theme of government effectiveness.

A network composed of more than 120 former political and career senior executives in six communities who share their extensive experience and expertise to help current government leaders create and manage a manage a more effective and efficient government.

Partnership West

About 85% of federal employees work outside of the Washington, D.C. area. To support many of these employees—and their agencies—we expanded our programming to California—home to the largest regional population of civilian federal workers outside the Beltway—as well as Oregon, Washington and Colorado.  

Partnership West works to build a better government on the West Coast by fostering cross-agency and cross-sector collaboration, developing new generations of federal leaders and building strong federal talent pipelines that possess the skills to address the public’s most critical needs. These core activities will help ensure our government innovates today, flourishes in the future and more effectively serves all.