Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Our country deserves a federal government that is highly effective and responsive to the needs of the public—and that requires a fully engaged and motivated workforce.

However, recent data shows that government still struggles to adequately engage its employees. The latest federal employee engagement score—64.5 out of 100—lags more than 14 points behind the private sector mark, suggesting that government take decisive steps to improve the overall work experience of our nation’s public servants.

Top-performing private sector organizations understand that increased employee engagement leads to better performance and outcomes. Federal leaders need to follow the private sector lead by placing a greater emphasis on enhancing the federal employee experience and workplace culture.

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government®

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings offer the most comprehensive assessment of federal employee engagement—how federal public servants view their jobs and workplaces. The rankings, produced by the Partnership and Boston Consulting Group, provide employee perspectives on issues ranging from leadership and pay to innovation and work-life balance. 

Most importantly, the rankings and accompanying data give leaders a way to measure employee engagement across the federal workforce as well as at individual departments, agencies and their subcomponents. The rankings alert federal leaders to signs of trouble and provide a roadmap to better manage our government’s most important asset—its employees.

Our resources offer an in-depth analysis of the Best Places to Work rankings and offer agencies practical tips on improving their employee engagement and using our data.

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Engagement Services

For federal agencies to effectively serve the public, they need a workforce that is committed and engaged in its responsibilities. Low employee engagement leads to poor customer relationships, high turnover and a lack of productivity—all of which prevent agencies from fulfilling their missions.

The Partnership for Public Service has decades of experience working to improve federal employee engagement. Our multi-tiered effort to address this issue is informed by our successful initiatives with agencies across government and an extensive body of subject matter expertise.